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Dear Mum & Dad,

At present we’re in the middle of grape-picking. We had a full day of picking today. It was our 3rd day. Most of the week will probably be spent in grape picking.

The big news at present is that Fr. Hickey has been appointed Assistant to the Superior General in Rome. He replaces Fr. O’Brien who died at the end of last year. This means that we will have to elect a new Provincial. Fr. Hickey leaves us in May. Those being talked about for the job of new Provincial are Fr. Connolly, Fr. B. Ryan (Rector of St. John’s), Fr. Blasoni & Fr. Arbuckle. But it could be anyone.

Yesterday the Seminary played St. John’s (1st XI) Hastings, at cricket. We had trouble getting eleven players so I was raked in! I didn’t get any runs, but it wasn’t a golden duck – which is something!! The game had an exciting finish. They declared at 135 for 9. Then we batted. We were all out for 135! So it was a tie. [My fielding wasn’t very good either].

The new baths are tremendous. I am trying to prepare to go for a “Bronze Medallion” – which is a life saving certificate. But have a long way to go before the end of March when the tests are held. However, it’s a good incentive, & my swimming has improved no end.

What are Frs. Rice & Ryan like? I wrote to Fr. Rice to let him know that I’m in his parish & coming up for Ordination.

Tomorrow I will write to France for her birthday.

Well – I can’t think of any more news. The chapel is nearly finished – at least the sanctuary, which is all they can afford to renovate this year. We should be back in it by the end of this week. We have been having Masses in the classroom.

Speaking of Masses, it is nearly time for the 7 Deacons to start practising to say Mass!!

Love from

P.S. Greg Sweet sends his regards to Leo.

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