Mt. St. Mary’s,
P.O. Box 43,

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, I was sorry to hear that Leo has his leg in plaster. I am glad to say that I am surviving the Tagg season tolerably well, with only 3 sprig gashes in my back! I hope Leo gets better fast.

Thanks for sending the photos for me to look at. I thought they were very good. Please could you send me a copy of them. Eileen & Buster were up at Pentecost and gave me a copy of a photo they took with their camera of us. It is very good too. Eileen said she would be sending you a copy. It only seems like yesterday since Easter, but I notice in the photos that the sun is shining & it looks quite warm!

We have almost reached the shortest day of the year. I always look forward to that because you feel as if the warmer weather is on the way back, even if August is the coldest month.

Revision for exams starts on Monday, but exams themselves are not for another 3 or 4 weeks.

Tomorrow a group of us are going out to Waimarama for the weekend, so I’m looking forward to that before beginning revision.

I remember back at Easter, Mum, you asked for a signed “Profession Programme”. I’ve had it sitting under all the junk on my desk, & at last I got around to getting the others to sign it today, so will send it in the mail.

Last Sunday, Percy Kimble was ordained in St. Thomas More’s Church in Napier by Bishop Sneddon. Fr. McAloon is still the parish priest. Everything went very well. It’s the last ordination I’ll be going to probably, before my own.

I was wondering if you could send me your new phone number.

I have been busy recently helping Fr. Woodcock write the music for the St. John’s operetta on Jonah & the Whale. Fr. Woodcock is writing the music (I write it down for him) & Fr. Benton is writing the words. If it comes off it will be put on about the end of July.

Well, I must go now.

Love from

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