Cardinal McKeefry died suddenly and we served Mass at his funeral.
The Cardinal used to come fairly regularly to Sunday dinner.

Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

I was shocked to hear about Mr. McDonald. Is Mrs. McDonald still living at Springhill?

At the moment I’m busy cooking here with Tim McCann. In fact, I have to go now & start tea, so had better be short.

If I could be picked up here on the 22nd it would be good. But not before the afternoon, as I will have to cook breakfast & lunch.

Did you know that Gavin Foster is coming here to the Seminary next year? At least I see his name on the list. So far there are 18, with more coming in. So there are 3 on the list we already know: Gavin, Lawrence McNeill & Paul Avery.

Had better go now. See you on the 22nd.

Love from

Cardinal's funeral. Me with the thurible.

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