Dad & Mum 1973

48 Aurora Tce,
Wlgtn 1
Tues, 16th Oct. ‘73

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, I sat my English Poetry exam yesterday. I thought it went quite well. However, it’s hard to tell because I thought I did quite well in my term’s tests, but didn’t do as well as I expected when I got the marks. Anyway, we will wait & see. My next exam (Prose) is on the 25th of October. It’s hard to know how you did because English is so airy-fairy. You can’t go home and look up the right answers after the exam because there aren’t any. It’s not like Maths where you’re either right or wrong. Anyway, I’m quite pleased with my efforts so far!

I rang Tony last night to wish him a Happy Birthday. He seemed very pleased with the pipe he got. He also seemed to be pleased that I gave him a ring.

I’ve just got back my last Music Essay for the year. I got an A (75%) so it is very pleasing. My Music Education exam (worth 20% of the final mark) went very well. We spent a whole day rehearing each others pieces, & the next day we put them on for Professor Jenny McLeod. My piece was “Psalm 137”. After it I heard Jenny McLeod say to the other examiner: “That was very beautiful wasn’t it.” So I hope I did alright in that too. (Come to think of it, I’m not sure whether I told you that already!!)

It is very good having such long gaps between exams. I can spend all my time preparing for the next one, although it can get a bit boring at times. Tony O’Connor had an exam yesterday, another this morning, & has another tomorrow. He’s been very busy because he’s got to prepare for everything at once.

Fr. Roach goes to Australia in November to run a renewal course for several months for Australian, New Zealand & Island Marists. At the moment there are rumours that there will be quite a few staff changes at the Seminary at Greenmeadows next year. It will be quite a good thing. Fr. Bonisch, for example, has been there for 20 years which is a bit long – especially in a place like the Seminary. The Vice-Chancellor of the University (Dr. Taylor) & his wife came to dinner yesterday. He is Irish, and an engineer.

I think I told Leo in a note that Berry Worsnop & I went to see Aunty Dorrie. She seemed very lively.

Well I’d better sign off.

Love from

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