7th Nov. ‘72

Dear Mum & Dad,


I meant to write this so that it would arrive on your birthday, but everything’s in a chaos so I’m writing on the day. The mail leaves in a few minutes so I’ll have to hurry.

I spent this weekend out at Waimarama with a few others. It was very enjoyable. Fr. Connolly went out with us. There were a lot of Bon Fires on the beach on Guy Fawkes Night.

I am definitely taking Music at Varsity next year. Fr. Hickey wanted me to take it.

Fr. Scully has gone away again for another three weeks. This time he is preaching the Christchurch Diocesan Priests Retreats.

We started revision for exams today. The Young Fathers - Alan Woodcock, Brian Quin, Hedley Aitken & Brian Wilson, left today after lunch. They are going down to Christchurch for an 8 week Pastoral Course before getting their appointment for next year. I’m now in the second to top band in the house! (That was Philip Cody’s position when I arrived!)

Had better get this posted.

Happy Birthday once again Mum.

Love from

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