Bishop Finau

Mt. St. Mary’s
Greenmeadows, H.B.


Dear Mum & Dad,

I have just come from having my Moral Exam. It went quite well. I have finished exams now for the term.

Bishop Finau is here at present. He is the new Bishop of Tonga, & was consecrated by Pope Paul at the beginning of the year. He is a Silverstream Old Boy, & was in Fr. Connolly’s Band. The funny thing is, the Bishop told is, was that when they were just ordained Fr. Finau said to Fr. Connolly, “Well, are you coming to Tonga with me?” Fr. Connolly said, “Not on your life! When you’re Bishop I’ll come to Tonga!” So if Fr, Connolly is not around next term we will know that he’s packed up & gone to the missions.

Bishop Finau let us off Oral Exams for this term & that is why I’ve finished my exams. Fr. Delaney is also here at the moment.

I see in the Dominion that Linda Worsnop is engaged to someone (Eric Mikkleson I think) from Wanganui.

On Friday, Fr. Weaver celebrates his 25th Anniversary. On Saturday (8th July), the holidays begin. They go until 30th July- Sunday. I am teaching at Hastings’ Boys High from Monday 17th ‘til Friday 21st. If you wanted to come up, probably either of the weekends before & after my teaching would be best, but any other time would also be alright. However, if you can’t come, I can always spend the timeout at camp! Please let me know soon so that I can make arrangements about my transport between Waimarama & here.

Fr. Alan Kennedy died last week. I played some of the hymns for the funeral on the organ at Hastings’ Church. The Church has been done up on the inside, and now has an aisle down the middle. It is quite nice.

Wish Rick a Happy Birthday from me. I hope to write a letter to them.

Love from

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