Mt. St. Mary’s
Greenmeadows, H.B.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, this will be my last letter until you come back from Aussie.

On Sunday 21st (11 a.m. Pentecost Sunday, N.Z. Time) we will be having a Broadcast Mass on the National Station. As was the case last year, I am playing the organ, so let France, Sue or Leo know if they want to listen.

Pentecost Sunday is also a Visiting Day, but of course I won’t be expecting you to fly all the way from Australia just for that!

The ‘Listener’ advertised our Broadcast Mass, but it’s got a misprint. It says the organist is B. Googman. That’s meant to be me.

No doubt with duck-shooting season on, Leo is flying round in a plane picking them off from above. Has he, or anyone, shot any? Planes, that is!

I heard the other day that Rob. Devlin, who’s down in Blenheim Parish, got the chance to fill a last minute vacancy at Outward Bound. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he tripped on the top of a mountain and out his knee out. It took 34 men 4 days to get him out! Anyway, he’s safe now in hospital, waiting for the swelling to go down before they operate to fix up the cartilage. He had hurt his knee last year at rugby & they had operated on it then, but it didn’t fix it properly. Apparently, this time they’re going to do a decent job.

The Brothers are having their retreat here this week. It is being preached by a Capuchin, Fr. Owen, who preached the retreat I did last March.

Mark Rundle, an Aspirant from Wellington, was telling me of a friend of his sister (twin), who is going over to Australia soon. Apparently he drives bulldozers and was recently sick in Waipuk. Hospital while working at Takapau. So when he asked if I know Stewart Sinclair & Rodney Searle, I said yes! Mark called in to see Stewart (with his sister) on the way up here in February.

Well I think that that’s all the news. Have a good holiday!

Love from

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