Mt. St. Mary’s,
Mon. 13th Sept. ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Fr. B. O’Brien from the Marist General Administration in Rome is at present staying with us. He is a N. Zealander and used to be Rector of St. Pat’s, Timaru. He wants to get to know the students better.

Last week Paul Donoghue (Silverstream Old Boy and Tim Donoghue’s cousin) left to join the Brothers. He was in his 5th year. He’s joining our Brothers, not the Teaching Brothers. He has gone to Highden.

Next Sunday is a visiting day. I realize that it is Labour Weekend, and because of the traffic will expect you only if you turn up!

Last Thursday we had a Conge at Brookfields (which is along the Tukituki River towards Hastings). I got sunburnt, the weather was so good.

The Aspirants can now go home for a short time at Christmas, before going to “Highden”.

Yesterday I went on a bike ride with Rory Morrissey and Michael Pervan to Rory’s mother’s place at Purami.

Well, that’s about all the news for this week.

Love from

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