Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

It has been raining all week & the hills are turning slightly green. The Aspirants seem to be settling in quite well. Another Tongan surprised us by turning up yesterday to be a Brother! He just rang up from the airport & said, “Bishop Rodgers said that everything was arranged.”

The jobs were announced last Monday night. I’m not Bellman! Br. Tony Solomone is. My jobs are:- Organist, Book-Binding, Infirmarian, & Fruit. “Fruit” means that you help peel the pears, etc. for bottling. My Section (garden) is called “Inner Passchendaele”. That is the one you & I had lunch on Mum.

I have just realized that 1st Visiting Day is in 2 weeks – Sunday 1st March (1.15 to 5.45 p.m.).

The Visiting Days are:-
Sun. 1st March
Sun. 29th March (Easter Sunday)
Sun. 17th May (Pentecost).

Class work is in full swing. Philosophy is much easier this year for us 2nd year philosophers.

John Owens is doing Latin 1 with Victoria University this year. 2 5th year students are doing History 1, & 7 Aspirants are doing Eng. 1, & 1 is doing French 2. So there are a lot doing it this year.

Well, not much news has happened this week – just an ordinary work week.

Fr. Arbuckle returns from New Guinea on Friday.

Love from

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