We celebrated 50 years of camps at Waimarama January 1970
John Owens, being the youngest professed, gets to cut the cake.

Thurs, 29th Jan. ’70.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well at last I’ve got around to writing again. Although you don’t do much at Camp you can never find time for writing. I’ve been meaning to write to everyone but think I will leave it until I get back to the Mount.

Leila was out here two Sundays ago.

About a week ago I walked to Cape Kidnappers & saw the Gannets. The other day I went to the Tukituki River for the day.

Saturday 31st

It has been fairly cold & raining off & on for the last few days but will probably clear up tomorrow.

On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Fr. B. Ryan from Silverstream was here to give us some lectures. He has recently returned from England where he was studying modern Catechetical Methods at “Corpus Christi”.

Monday 2nd Feb.

It’s absolutely impossible to write letters at Camp as you can see!

I saw Leila yesterday & she said that I looked so well that she might even get around to writing to tell you sometime.

It is now 5 past 3 & the mail is supposed to have left but it hasn’t yet, so I’ll get this posted.

We go back to the Mount on Friday & the Aspirants (18 approx.) come in on Saturday. I’ll write then.

I meant to write to Sue & Kitch for Kitch’s birthday. Please wish him a Happy Birthday & I’ll write later!

Love from

P.S. Someone has just asked me to empty the scrap-buckets so it’s just as well I’ve finished this letter.

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