Mt. St. Marys,
Mon. 30th Nov. ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, the holidays started today. We go out to Camp early on Wednesday.

Our retreat of 2 days finished this morning. It was preached by Fr. Crombie from St. John’s College Hastings. (This is apart from the days of Recollection we had after Sylvester’s death).

Bro. Sylvester’s body was brought back on the Monday, & we had the funeral on Tuesday.

One “good” thing happened about his death anyway. He died on Sunday, we sat our Philosophy exam on the Monday; on Tuesday we had the funeral, & on Wednesday we were supposed to have our Philosophy Oral exam but it was cancelled!

From the 14th to the 19th of December I will be working on the farm – all professed have to work one week on the farm. Jobs range from cutting thistles & hoeing pumpkins to haymaking. I’m not really looking forward to it actually!

Today the four Tongans (Dave Latu, Maka Tatafu, John Lomu & Tony Solomone) left to work for several months to gain some money for the trip home in February. They go back to Tonga for a year & teach etc. (Bishop Rodger’s orders). That means they will now be one year behind us. It’s quite sad actually – but one is inclined to get worked up about such things like that when you’re in the Seminary. Our band has now gone from 10 to 6 which is getting very small! However, next year Nisi ‘Ota ‘Ota will be returning from Tonga after a year over there so our band will be back to 7.

If you can think of anything I have to bring home… So far I’ve thought only of the green blanket & driver’s licence.

So far 18 have applied for here next year.

Well, had better be off.

Love from

Little did we know, when the four Tongans, our companions for three years,
left for a year's pastoral experience in Tonga, that we wouldn't see them again.
They were sent to Suva, Fiji, to be the founding students of the Pacific Reginal Seminary.

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