Great Aunt Ethel Scrimshaw - my paternal grandmother's youngest sister.

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 14th June ‘70

Dear Aunty Ethel,

Yesterday was your birthday, so I thought better late than never; so

I suppose the weather in Wellington is getting very cold these days. We haven’t had any frosts up here in Hawke’s Bay yet, but it’s getting that cold that we should be getting one any day.

We are in the middle of exams at the moment. In two weeks time we go out to our Camp at Waimarama Beach for three weeks.

I must tell you about the apple sponge pudding I “cooked” last Sunday. It was my turn to cook the pudding; (there are about 80 people here to cook for). Anyway, the pudding had been in the oven for 10 minutes when I realized that most of the ingredients were still sitting in a dish on the bench. I had forgotten to put them in the mix!! Of course, the SPONGE came out hard as rock (most of it was burnt anyway). So I’m a bit like my father when it comes to cooking fancy things!’

I will be home for a holiday this Christmas, so I hope to see you then. It was tremendous to see you come up to Palmerston last year.

Well, I must sign off now. Once again “Happy Birthday”.

Say a prayer for me – as I say them for you.

Love from

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