Sun. 29th June ’69.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I hope you are enjoying your recuperating Dad.

I got a letter from Tony so please thank him for it. Also, wish Rick a Happy Birthday!

The 3rd term has started but the new jobs are not out yet – nor are the room changes. There are a few changes in the rule. We play sport instead of Outside Manual Labour in the afternoons. On Wed. & Sat. nights we are allowed to recreate inside for 20-30 minutes & we also get papers. Sunday afternoons are now free until afternoon tea.

Did you go to Fr. Cody’s ordination? There are only two Deacons left here now making their retreat.

The head colds are starting to go around a bit now, but I haven’t got anything yet – it must be those tablets you gave me. I see where a lot of boys at S’Stream got the ‘flu. Did Leo get it?

I think some of the students from Greenmeadows will be going to S’Stream for a week teaching, so tell Leo to introduce himself.

The students at Greenmeadows started Winter Camp at Waimarama last Friday.

We have started playing “Tagg” Rugby this term, & I might say I am quite enjoying it!!

Well there is not much news this week. Fr. Bennett gave us a conference on wasting time in writing long letters!

They have graded the drive again so it is as rough as it was at the beginning of the year.

Kerry Maher & I have started possum trapping again but we haven’t caught anything as yet.

Tim Donoghue went home yesterday to see his father & will be coming back this afternoon. His father is much the same as on last visiting day.

Well, I think that that had better be all!!

Love from

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