Sister Columbiere (my primary school teacher) and
Sister Concilio (my piano teacher) visit.

Sat. 7th June ’69.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I enjoyed the visiting day. I only wished That I could come home & help milk the cows!

Today we had a Conge, & as it was raining we went about 5 miles down the road & sat in O’Donnell’s hay barn. It is quite good there though, & is the best Conge spot, but we like to reserve it for the wet days (which is nearly every day!) Tell the sisters we enjoyed eating their chocolates at the Conge!

We start the Marist Retreat tomorrow (from the 8th to the 18th) in which we decide (or begin to decide) whether we want to be Religious Marists or not, & also learn the Marist Spirit – or start to learn it.

Not very much news this week. Fr. Mannix called in here tonight but we never spoke to him.

Did anyone go to see the Wales/Wellington game today?

One thing I forgot to tell you on Visiting Day was to give everyone my regards! And also Fr. Carol! And anyone else I know – tell them I was asking after them!

Another thing I forgot to ask… I think we have in our piano stool a Sung Latin People’s Mass. It is a very simple one sung by the people down at Church when Dialogue Latin Masses first came in. (Or it might be down at Waikanae Church if it is not in the piano stool). I think there was a copy for the organist & quite a number of cardboard sheets with the music printed on for the Congregation. I don’t suppose you use Latin Sung Masses any more! so if you come across it I was wondering if it would be of any use up here. It might not be suitable anyway, because I haven’t seen it or heard it since Primary School and can’t remember how it goes. Aunty Phyllis used to use it too I think. I think the sheets may still be in the piano stool so I thought I’d ask.

Bro. Kingi’s mother died last week. He is from the Mount & will be ordained in a month’s time. I think that she was fairly old & had been sick for a long time. He is a Mormon convert.

Well, I think that that is all the news for this week. Can’t write next week because of Retreat. Fr. Bennett played us some records last night.

Love from

P.S. Wish Aunty Ethel a Happy Birthday for me.

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