My Fair Lady

Mt. St. Marys,
Sun. 25th Aug. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

We have had quite a lot of visitors in lately. Yesterday we had a group from St. Pat’s Town in for Tea. This afternoon we had a group from the Hastings and Gisborne C.Y.M. So we have been quite busy entertaining.

Last night we went through the first Act of “My Fair Lady”. It was a bit of a mess, but at least everyone now knows what they are doing.

Yesterday, Paul Montgomery (in his 6th year) began to show me how to prune and bud roses. I suppose you know all this, but you get cuttings of wild roses and start growing them. (The wild roses like the ones that grow on our fence).

You then graft a bud of a good rose onto the stem of the wild rose cutting, and cut off the wild rose buds. You then have a brand new rose. The good rose grows much better if it is grafted than if it is just grown as a cutting. So yesterday I put in 40 wild rose cuttings. We also use some hormone to make them take root better.

Mr. Papesch, a blind man, is staying here at the moment. He has come here every year for the last 15 odd years. He has just returned from Japan where he was on a Music Scholarship. The English Vespers which we sing are written by him. He will take us for singing classes in plain chant, etc. for the next week. He also has a blind son, who is a jazz musician, and in Fr. Bonisch’s words, they don’t see eye to eye!

I think that that is all the news.

Love from

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