Dad and Mum

St. Patrick’s College,
Heretaunga, N.Z.
Wed. 27th Sept. ‘67

Dear Mum and Dad,

Today is the first Anniversary of Father Parker’s death and is therefore a fitting day to write this letter.

For the past year I have been constantly changing from University to Seminary, back to University and so on. This was mainly because I could not decide which Order to join. I have now definitely decided that I want to become a Marist, and would like to go straight into the Seminary without spending time at University first. I realized that I have been “beating around the bush” and decided that to go straight in is what I really want to do. Would this be alright with you? If so, can I go ahead with the usual procedure of seeing the Rector, then writing to Father Bourke, the Provincial?

That is all for now.

Love from

Me at Helen and Rick's Wedding - 26 August 1967

Fr. John Parker, my Rector at St. Pat's, Silverstream
who died 27th September 1966

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