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Bob Cratchit: Humbug! You always say that Scrooge, and yet you know as well as I do that Christmas is the best time of year for retailers to make money or my name's not Bob Cratchit.

Scrooge: It's time they put Christ back into Christmas.

Bob Cratchit: Nonsense. Your business partner, the late Jacob Marley, knew how to make a buck or two at Christmas - and at Easter. He also knew how to bleed families on Mother's and Father's Day. It's good business.

Scrooge: Well as far as I'm concerned if you don't believe in Christmas you shouldn't take the time off. It's a time for going to Church and praising the Lord.

Bob Cratchit: Oh I believe in Christmas alright. Look, do you mind if I leave early. I haven't finished buying all the presents for the kids yet.

Scrooge: That Tiny Tim of yours - he's got enough junk in his toy box to last a life time. He's just a spoilt brat.

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