2247. A visit to Yellowstone
© Bruce Goodman 6 October 2021

Tamzin was sure of one thing: her husband Trevor had been unfaithful. She had hired a detective. The detective was very expensive but in the long run it paid off. Trevor had a number of alliances with a good number of women.

Tamzin said nothing. She bided her time.

She arranged their annual vacation. “I’ve never been to Yellowstone National Park,” she said. “It would be terrible if it exploded in a gigantic volcanic eruption and we hadn’t seen it!”

These little jokes were precisely the things that Trevor had grown to despise. Off they went to Yellowstone National Park.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, Trevor got too close to a roaring vent. He wanted to take a close-up photograph on his phone. Tamzin gave him a push and down he went. It wasn’t Old Faithful but it was fatally scalding nonetheless.

Which goes to show that revenge can come in many geysers.

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