2142. Elsie’s method of murder
© Bruce Goodman 31 May 2021

It was a marvellous way to murder. Elsie wondered why no one had thought of it before. She wondered why it wasn’t ever employed in a whodunit novel. She had used it twice on her husbands; first on Bert, and several years later on Edgar.

There was not the slightest suspicion stemming from the murders. All she need do each time was to feign a genuine grieving.

And now her third husband was in line. She had grown tired of him, and if the truth be told, he had grown tired of her. A murder, particularly Elsie’s method of murder, was a lot cheaper (and quicker) than a divorce. She made provisions to carry out the deed the following Friday. That would give her the weekend to make suitable arrangements for grief.

Friday arrived! The deed was done and with considerable panache! Frederick was dead! How sad is that?

What was Elsie’s method you might well ask? To give the method away would ruin the possibility of using it again. She might need to perform it on Hubby Number Four.

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