2085. Like a pig in muck
© Bruce Goodman 23 March 2021

Wow! I’ve just been awarded the “I’m the Only One in the World to Get this Award” Award! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to the anonymous benefactor. It didn’t come via email or via any social media. It didn’t come via a blog. It came via traditional mail post; or if it didn’t it could well have.

There are a whole lot of responsibilities that come with this Award – like nominating ten more bloggers but not telling any of them who you are. In fact it should be so secret that it’s recommended that you don’t even tell the people you have nominated. If you’re reading this, you know who you are.

I also have to answer heaps of questions, like “How does one do that?” and “What are those things made of?” and “Tell us something you don’t know”. They’re the type of questions that Oprah would ask.

One of my favourite questions is: “How on earth do you think of something sensible to say every day on your blog?” It’s not easy, I can tell you. Some people post absolute claptrap. Pure hokum! Hooey! They seem to revel in wasting people’s time. Not so I. And so say all of us, and so say all of us, for he’s a jolly good fellow. Hip Hip Hooray!

It certainly feels surreal to get this Award. I keep pinching myself. It’s very hard to think straight when one is so excited. I’m also excited because I stumbled across some extra money – enough to get a Warrant of Fitness (don’t know what other countries call it) of road-worthiness for my old truck. I’ve been driving it into town via back roads and streets for six months now to avoid the cops. From now on I hopefully won’t have to be so furtive.

To add to the excitement I’m expecting today (ordered online) some new headphones to arrive in the mail because the other one fell to pieces; and also expecting some Yorkshire Tea bags (Yorkshire tea being the only tea we drink – morning, noon, and night).

My life is filled with happiness and this Award is the icing on the cake. Life is like a pig in muck.

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