2083. Pink headphones
© Bruce Goodman 21 March 2021

Hamish’s headphones had been broken for some time. They came with a mic and both the headphones and microphone had been in constant use with gaming. That is why things were worn out. They were three years old.

They had been perfect. They were clear as a bell. They were comfortable. And they were pink. When he walked down the street with his headphones on everyone stared. Pink was a girl’s colour. What was a guy doing sauntering along with girl’s headphones?

These headphones had brought Hamish luck. Whenever he entered some competition or other down at the mall, the compere almost always announced: “First prize goes to the guy with the pink headphones”. Hamish reckoned his headphones had won more things than he had won himself. He was about the only one there with standout singular identification.

So when his headphones died he was keen to get another pink pair. His friend, Nathan, had offered him his spare set. But they were black. What use are black headphones?

And then he saw her! Angelina! She was down at the mall. She was wearing pink headphones exactly like Hamish wanted. Hamish introduced himself. They got talking.

Hamish dashed back and got Nathan’s black headphones. He swapped the black headphones for Angelina’s pink ones. They were both very happy.

Sometimes I stray from writing fiction.

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