2052. Bypass
© Bruce Goodman 16 February 2021

Bridget was in line to have bypass heart surgery. She was both fearful and looking forward to crossing the hurdle. For a while now her heart condition had inhibited her from doing many things she used to enjoy.

She had been an enthusiastic walker. Every day she would go for a brisk walk around the lake near where she lived. About half way around she would stop and feed the ducks with stale slices of bread. The ducks were well trained! They knew time and place! Then one day she thought she had bad indigestion. After visits to the doctor and a heart specialist she was put on the list for a bypass.

Although it was scary, Bridget looked forward to the many things she would once again be able to do. She would eat healthy. She would return to regular sleep times. She would resume her walks. Perhaps she would join the Writers’ Guild that met in the library every second Thursday. She might even write a book; not a fiction book but perhaps one called “The Wild Flowers of My Daily Walk”. It would not only be a scientific book about the weeds she saw daily, but contain her ambling reflections. How often in our ramblings do we walk passed wonders unnoticed?

The operation was next Tuesday. Bridget had packed her little bag for hospital two days ahead of time. It was as if doing that would hurry things along. Her daughter was to take her to the hospital.

Thursday arrived! Her daughter arrived! Bridget put her little bag on the back seat of the car.

That was the last thing she ever did.

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