2293. Dance the night away
© Bruce Goodman 3 December 2021

The music was slowing, the song was almost over, but we couldn’t stop dancing. And what a brilliant dancer he was! This was our first dance together and we clicked immediately.

Then came a second song! A second dance! Had heaven happened all at once? And then a third. And a fourth. If Vera Lynn was about she would have sung about a nightingale in Berkeley Square. If David Bowie was there he would have performed his entire Let’s Dance album. My heart was on fire!

Eventually we stopped dancing and he asked if I would like lemonade or something. So we sat on chairs at the side of the dance floor and enjoyed lemonade. The next thing this woman came up and said, “Okay dear, we’d better get going. We’ve only got the baby-sitter until 10.30.”

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