2204. Norm’s Ancestral Monstrosity
© Bruce Goodman 7 August 2021

No one in the house smoked, but Norm had inherited his grandfather’s ashtray. It not only served no purpose whatsoever, but it was ugly. In fact Norm referred to it as “My Ancestral Monstrosity”.

The summer was hot and Norm, who worked from home, had every door and window open. A breeze! Thank goodness! Norm’s papers began to blow about. What he needed was a paper weight. Ah! Grandpa’s ashtray!

With such a miscreation sitting on his desk Norm could not help but notice the despicable thing all day. He typed the ashtray into a search engine.

It what? How much? That thing? Goodness gracious! I’ll be damned!

Norm hastily put the ashtray for sale online and went outside in search of a rock.

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