1816. The daily scenario
© Bruce Goodman 13 May 2020

Reporter: So what, given the current political climate and given what the chairman said about the importation of illicit goods, and given that there are hundreds literally of citizens in need, some having just arrived here from overseas and bringing with them not only considerable amounts of money but also much needed skills that should take a little of the burden off our manufacturing sector, which has been languishing a little since the recession – a recession I might add that you caused, at least partially, for as the New York Standard reported, you had a finger in almost every pie, which comes as little no surprise for as Garth Samuels wrote, You are the Little Jack Horner of today’s political field putting a thumb into every pie and pulling out a plum, and given that the projected population of New Harborshire is decreasing dramatically not only because of tax hikes but because of the policies you have implemented, do you think?

Politician: Yes.

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