1848. Selwyn’s oeuvre
© Bruce Goodman 14 June 2020

Regina and Selwyn were sitting together on the sofa. They had been discussing each other’s creative compositions but it was really just an excuse to sit next to each other. Both wrote love poetry, mainly to each other.

“I really like what you have done,” said Selwyn.

“Thanks,” said Regina. “But you have such a huge oeuvre.”

“Thanks,” said Selwyn, and even though he did have a huge oeuvre he wasn’t too sure what an oeuvre was. “It’s big alright,” he said.

“It must be the result of years and years of effort,” said Regina. “I wouldn’t have the patience to do that.”

“Size is not everything,” said Selwyn. He could hardly wait to get home to look up “Oeuvre” in the dictionary. The term was new to him. Unfortunately he couldn’t spell it, so even to this day he rests confident in the knowledge that his oeuvre is possibly bigger than most others.

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