1717. A good reason to go to church
© Bruce Goodman 30 January 2020

Kevin had developed a sudden interest in attending church on Sundays. His wife was mystified.

“He’s never been particularly religious. I have no idea why he’s developed this sudden interest in the Lord. We were not married in a Church and I dread the day he’s going to ask me to accompany him on these pious outings. He shall be getting a definite NO!”

It wasn’t as if Kevin was committed to one church in particular. He would leave home to go to the Presbyterian service one week and the following week it would be the Methodist Church. Then it would be Catholic and then Episcopalian. Once he even left to go on a Saturday when the Seventh Day Adventists were doing something. He went to the Greek Orthodox Church just the once; it was far too long.

His wife pondered the situation. She was starting to worry. It’s not that he was pious at home; he never talked about it; he simply mentioned before leaving that “the Pentecostal Church’s service begins in half an hour.” Kevin and Robina had been married for thirty-nine years. During that time he had the same steady job in the Police Department. They had four children and two grandchildren. His life was normal, except for this sudden interest on Sundays in things supernatural.

And then it dawned on her. He wasn’t going to the church service at all; he was in the church car park with his notebook, surreptitiously jotting down the registration plate numbers of those vehicles whose registration had run its course or whose Warrant of Fitness had expired. Their owners would get a letter and enclosed fine within the coming week. The churches’ car parks were “good for business” and the devout car owners had no clue as to when their registration tardiness had been observed.

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