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How sensational is that? Julian was quietly looking for a cute picture of a cat online when he made an adrenaline-charged discovery! He came across a photograph he had taken of his dog! Perhaps some explanation is called for.

Julian had a pet cat. Her name was Banbury, although her full name was Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross. Why is another story. Julian also had a pet dog. His name was Rock, although his full name was Rock my Soul in the Bosom of Abraham. Why is another story.

Julian had found online a number of pet food companies that held weekly competitions for a month’s supply of pet food. All that needed to be done was to submit a photograph of your pet, and the winner (the one with the cutest pet that week) got a voucher for the month’s supply. Julian’s dog photos had never won a thing.

The cat was another story altogether. Banbury was not photogenic, and yet week after week Julian won enough pet food with his cat photos to feed the dog and the cat. It didn’t come free of charge however. Julian would have to spend hours searching the internet for cute otherwise-unfindable cat pictures taken by other people that he could submit as his own. That is how he won so often. Banbury never had so many faces!

While searching, Julian came across the picture he had taken of Rock. It had won a pet food photo competition for “The Best Pet Photo of the Year”. The prize was a thousand dollars.

A thousand dollars! Julian was outraged. That’s my photo! he shouted out. My photo! Give me my thousand dollars!

A full investigation was called for. Julian was given his thousand dollars. He also received a court order to pay two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for his stealing of the cat photos.

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