1302. The daily ritual
© Bruce Goodman 11 May 2018

Vijay always lit a little candle on his sideboard every evening while he ate his dinner. It burned only for half an hour or so, next to a small framed photograph of his late wife. The candle was Vijay’s little daily ritual.

One day at the market, Vijay met Dorothea. They got on like a house on fire. They went out a couple of times. Dorothea phoned just as Vijay had lit the candle and was about to have his dinner. Would Vijay like to get some takeaways and come around to her apartment? She had a bottle of wine.

What a great idea! Vijay’s prepared dinner was put in the fridge for another time. Hurry! Hurry!

Anyway, he has now moved into Dorothea’s apartment; since his house burned down.

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