1272. Mad as a meat axe
© Bruce Goodman 27 March 2018

Angus was as mad as a meat-axe. He believed, he really did, that he was the reincarnation of John the Baptist. Not exactly “reincarnation” but more that he was from a planet somewhere in the Sirius region and the aliens from there controlled our world and sent the occasional prophetic figure to enhance Planet Earth. He was one of them.

His daughter, Mami, conceived not so much accidentally but more out of ignorance in a what-is-going-on moment, was the “reincarnation” of Cleopatra.

Angus also wrote novels – frantically, furiously. His sister, Clarissa, used to gather the novels up and publish them under her own name. It propelled her to near-the-top echelon of the English-speaking writers of the 22nd century. Thank goodness her brother was mad as a meat-axe and unaware of his sister’s deceit.

Then Angus died; or rather was taken back to his planet near Sirius. After that, Clarissa had writer’s block for years.

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