1337. Home remedies
© Bruce Goodman 30 June 2018

Natalie read that if she slept every night with jasmine teabags over her eyes, her vision would always remain unimpaired.

Natalie read that if she ate a Jerusalem artichoke every day, she would never get Alzheimer’s.

Natalie read that if she had half a raw onion every day she would never get cancer of the stomach or of the colon.

Natalie read that if she squeezed the juice of half a lemon into a glass of drinking water every day, her body would better stand up to the flu virus.

Natalie read that a cup of dandelion tea consumed daily would prevent putting on weight.

Natalie read that if you devour at least seven garlic cloves every day you won’t get pregnant.

Anyway, she died – earlier than expected.

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