1328. Which is which
© Bruce Goodman 17 June 2018

Mr and Mrs Granville McLeod had twin boys – Jock and Jack. Jock was good-looking and sporty; as handsome as they come and a body like it had just popped out of Michelangelo’s modelling studio. Jack, on the other hand, had little going for him. He was slow, almost short of a couple of planks, pimply, slightly hunchbacked, skinny, and ugly-ish.

The girl down the road, Ingrid, fell desperately in love with muscular, handsome Jock.

“Let’s hope,” said Jock’s proud parents, “that you have fallen in love with his profound intellectual ability and not with the perfection of his body. One would be a manifestation of true love, and the other merely low-lying lust.”

To solve the mystery as to what aspect of Jock Ingrid admired the most, Mr and Mrs Granville McLeod cut off Jock and Jack’s heads and sewed them onto the wrong bodies.

“Now we will see,” said Jock’s proud parents, “whether Ingrid loves him for his body or his mind. Which one do you pick, Ingrid?”

Faced with such a challenge, Ingrid made an announcement.

“I have come to a decision. I shall marry neither because I could not face a life-time of such meddlesome parents-in-law.”

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