1353. Election year
© Bruce Goodman 23 July 2018

Vernon was an excellent heart specialist. He worked at the hospital and did heart transplants like there were going out of fashion. And he knew how to prescribe heart medication to perfection.

He had very liberal views when it came to politics; some would say “over-liberal” and others would say “bordering on the obsessive”. He always enjoyed an invigorating discussion with each patient, and besides, he found that talking politics got their hearts pumping and he could better diagnose.

Melba was one such patient. She was conservative in her views; some would say “over conservative” and others would say “bordering on bigotry”.

There was an election looming. Vernon knew the way Melba would vote. Sheer bigotry! He changed her heart medication. “It may be a drop in the ocean,” said Vernon, “but a vote is a vote. Changing her medication is my way of making this planet a better world. Melba will be the eighth patient of mine to pass on in this election year.”

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