1388. A multifarious conundrum
© Bruce Goodman 27 August 2018

“Oh what a multifarious conundrum,” said Stephanie to her good friend Juliet.

Juliet did not know what a multifarious conundrum was, so she sort of laughed and said, “Yes! It can get like that.”

“The trouble is,” said Stephanie, “when I go somewhere it’s always the same. The same thing. And it gets tiresome.”

“It certainly does,” said Juliet, not having a clue what Stephanie was talking about.

“A bit of this and a bit of that. All in all, there are so many aspects to consider,” said Stephanie.

“Yes,” agreed Juliet. “Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re Arthur or Martha.”

“How do you mean?” said Stephanie. “I don’t understand.”

“Well,” said Juliet feeling caught, “it’s sort of like not knowing where to move next, how best to cope with the complexity of the situation.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” said Stephanie. “It’s not like that at all for me.”

“Oh well,” said Juliet.

“Oh well is not good enough,” said Stephanie. “I asked for a bit of sympathy and all I get is an ‘Oh well’. I really expected more. Quite frankly, Juliet, I find it disconcerting. I thought you’d be more sympathetic.”

“Oh well,” said Juliet. “I was trying to be helpful.”

“Helpful my foot,” said Stephanie. “I thought you were my friend. I’m off. Call me when you can think straight.”

Stephanie walks off.

“Good,” said the Director. “Let’s run through that again. This time, try to make it less snarky and more smarmy.”

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