1379. Batman to the rescue
© Bruce Goodman 18 August 2018

It has been many years since Batman began rescuing people in distress. Nigella had always wanted to be rescued by Batman. “Imagine that muscular hunk carrying me off in his arms,” declared Nigella.

Well one day Nigella had the heel of her high heels stuck in the crack of the New York pavement. She couldn’t move forward or back. “Help me, Batman!” called out Nigella.

About quarter of an hour later, Batman appeared. Nigella was outraged. Batman was old and fat. “I’m not going to be rescued by someone old and fat,” said Nigella. “Thank goodness there’s still Superman.”

“Suit yourself,” said Batman as he flew off. He was annoyed; he'd gone to great lengths. These days it was almost impossible to squeeze himself into all that spandex.

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