1281. Fit as a fiddle
© Bruce Goodman 10 April 2018

There’s no doubt that Neville’s life was action packed. In fact, some people referred to him as Neville the Devil. His literary Great-aunt Lavinia classed him as suffering from actionpackagationacicity – a word she unfortunately coined herself.

Only last month he was bungee jumping – off an extremely dangerous and scary viaduct. They took photos to prove it. In fact, it was so scary that only mad people and Neville ever attempted it.

Then he went rock climbing – up precipitous mountain sides with barely a ledge or foothold. Why would anyone do that? Just don’t look down! And he did it without a rope in sight.

“All this actionpackagationacicity will one day be the death of him,” declared Great-aunt Lavinia. “He’s only got to fall once.”

Next he went parachuting. Just how close to the ground can you get before opening the parachute? The adrenaline! You’ve no idea! Neville held the record.

There can’t have been many dare-devil things in life that Neville the Devil hadn’t tried. He was fit as a fiddle.

So it was rather surprising last week when he died in his sleep.

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