1276. Dinner party chatter
© Bruce Goodman 3 April 2018

What a delightful dinner party. Hedwig always manages to invite the most interesting guests. Last time there was a couple here from Saudi Arabia. My wife, who’s just left to go to the powder room, speaks fluent Arabic. They gabbled away for half the night in Arabic. Amazing! Of course, my wife is highly intelligent. And highly educated. In fact, as am I.

Emile here speaks and writes fluent Arabic. He learnt it in Djibouti when he was stationed there with the French army.

Oh! Does he? Oh! Of course my wife wouldn’t want to speak it when she returns. That would be rude. Especially since everyone else speaks only English. It would be like showing off. You may not know this, but my wife and I are heavily into horse racing. In fact, we own three race horses, and very successful they have been too. One even won the Melbourne Cup.

That’s amazing. Emile here owns two winning race horses. What did you say the names of your horses were?

Here comes my wife back now. Hello dear. I was just about to explain to this lovely couple here how we grow our own organic vegetables.

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