1136. Spicing things up
© Bruce Goodman 16 September 2017

I’m having a bit of a conundrum. Our marriage needs spicing up and I can’t decide whether to take the evening classes in pole dancing or belly dancing. Both advertisements for the courses look enticing.

The pole dancing workshops require that I have my own pole at home so I can practice. I suppose I could use the pole on the lawn that holds up the kids’ basketball hoop. The trouble is it can get a bit muddy on the lawn sometimes, especially if it has been raining. I would have to wear a pair of wellingtons or gumboots or whatever they call them. The other disadvantage is that the lawn is right next to the main road and it would be quite a spectacle for passers-by until I learnt to do it properly.

Belly dancing demands that I have my own mirror. It has to be large apparently, and I don’t think I have one big enough. Have you seen the price of mirrors these days? Couple that with the cost of paying for the ten-week lot of evening classes and I think that option has priced itself out. It’s a pity because I’ve got the veils and beads and things hidden away somewhere in a bottom drawer.

So it looks like it’ll be pole dancing. Being next to the main road might spur me on to get good at it quicker!

Oh-oh! I’ve just received a text from hubby. He says he has enrolled in evening strip-tease classes. It’s going to be an exciting ten weeks.

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