1055. Next door television
© Bruce Goodman 6 June 2017

My bedroom window looks straight out onto the road, and across the road into the window of my neighbour’s sitting room. I can see their television from my bedroom. At least I can see what it is they’re watching. No sound of course. If they rigged up speakers I could sit in bed and hear whatever it is that they’re watching. But it often doesn’t matter because half the time I don’t need the sound to know what’s going on.

Some people have no idea when they’re watching a video that people can see from outside. They could at least draw the drapes or something. But no, these neighbours have to watch videos or, if not, similar stuff on some channel or other. There’s no privacy. I’ve seen kids zoom by on their scooters and slow down for a peek. Up and down the road. One day some kid is going to be looking at that television and run straight into an oncoming car.

If I knew their name and phone number I’d tell them to pull the curtains. I’m sick to death of it. If I have to sit through another National Geographic program on giraffes I’ll scream.

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