1091. Fat lady on the beach
© Bruce Goodman 13 July 2017

Look at her! That fat lady lying on the beach. What an eyesore. She’s polluting the environment. I’ve come here with my kids for a nice day at the seaside and that fat lady lies in the sun like a pile of whale blubber.

It’s lovely lying on the warm sand with the sun on the skin and the sound of the sea waves. Just dozing… and eating and dozing and swimming. That fat lady has hardly moved all afternoon. You’d think she’d wear something a bit more becoming. It’s not a bikini or anything, but swimming attire is hardly meant to cover gross obesity.

The tide has started to come in a bit so we’ve all moved a little higher up, but that lazy fat lady just lies there. She’s probably too fat to get up! LMFAO! In fact the waves are starting to splosh a bit over her feet.

Wow! That’s a big wave! It’s completely covered her and is now receding back. Goodness! The fat lady is rolling like a log being dragged out to sea. Get up you fat female! Get up!

Come on kids! Quick! Pack up your stuff and get in the car. We’re heading home.

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