1125. A few tricks up his sleeve
© Bruce Goodman 31 August 2017

Tony didn’t have a job and didn’t much like his prospects of getting one. He felt he had to do something to get money. He lived alone, but still, it costs money to live alone. He got some help in dire times when he needed it, but he liked to be independent.

He knew what he would do. He would learn to do card tricks and perform them in the street. He was quite good at it – all this magic – and his reputation grew so that he nearly always attracted quite a crowd. People were generous. He raked in not a fortune, but enough to make life more comfortable.

Then he cottoned on to taking little kids for short joy rides up and down the street. Of course he did it for free, but often the parents would drop an extra coin or two into his hat. He loved to do the joy rides, even though he had no legs.

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