1123. Being followed
© Bruce Goodman 27 August 2017

(This is the fifth and final of the Science Fiction stories to commemorate Science Fiction Day. Science Fiction Day is celebrated each year on Isaac Asimov's birthday: January 2nd. Ok ok - haven't you heard of a Time Warp?)

Oh God! Don’t you just hate it when aliens follow you around all the time? These personages from another planet are like a bad smell. They won’t leave us alone.

They think their space craft is invisible made up of this and that. But we see them as clear as a bell. They’re probably taking notes about us, and putting out encyclopaedias as to what we do. About our sex life and what we eat. It’s an invasion of privacy, that’s what it is. An invasion of privacy!

At present there seem to be three small space craft following our little car.

Piss off, aliens. Go back to Planet Earth where you belong and stop bothering us.

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