2730. Vegetables
© Bruce Goodman 20 May 2023

When I was small I had a friend. We lived way, way out of town and there was hardly anyone about other than my parents. My parents worked in the garden, and also in the greenhouse. It wasn’t an ordinary greenhouse. It was fancy. It had electric lights. Occasionally a car would pull up to our house – I think to buy vegetables – and Dad would take them into the greenhouse. And after a few minutes they would drive off.

Anyway, I had a friend as I said. It wasn’t a real friend; it was a pretend friend. Her name was Samantha and she was always there to play when I wanted to play. She didn’t help me with school because I didn’t go to school, but she was always there for everything else.

One day an old car pulled up to our house to buy vegetables. A man got out and shot my parents dead with a gun. I hid under the wheelbarrow and then the car went away. My friend didn’t come with me under the wheelbarrow. I never saw her again.

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