2712. The scimitar
© Bruce Goodman 2 May 2023

I was given a wonderful scimitar for my birthday. It’s genuine apparently. It comes from somewhere in Asia or North Africa. It’s studded with jewels. The person who gave it to me said he’d found it in a second-hand store and that the jewels on it were paste. But I had a jeweller look at it and he said the jewels were priceless. Of course I won’t tell that to my friend who gave it to me. He’ll want it back.

The first thing I wondered once I knew it was real, was how many heads had it cut off? CHOP! Off comes the head. NEXT!

I suppose there’s no way of finding out. I did a bit of research but came up with nothing. What I did discover however was to how to use the scimitar correctly. It’s all in the way it’s held and the angle and force of the stroke as it lashes the neck.

My friend who gave it to me said he found out the true value of it and wanted it back. I told him to go jump in the lake. Don’t be stupid, I said. As if I’d give back something that precious.

What a headless wonder!

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