2673. Bigotry
© Bruce Goodman 23 March 2023

Travis tried to be honest in what he said and did. When he was interviewed for a job application he was always turned down. He had just stated things the way they were. “After been locked up for ten years I’m finally out.” No one would trust an ex-convict. Employment was an impossibility.

People are so bigoted. You’d think that honesty would be rewarded. But no! As soon as they learnt he’d been inside he was sent on his bike.

He was having his twentieth interview. “After been locked up for ten years I’m finally out.”

“And what prison or prisons did you serve the ten years?” asked the business executive doing the interview..

“Oh no! I wasn’t in prison!” said Travis. “I meant I was ten years in the closet, but now I’ve come out gay.”

“Oh! I see!” said the business executive. “That’s quite different.”

Unfortunately the business executive was a bigot.

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