2671. Party game
© Bruce Goodman 21 March 2023

Mrs. Rogers was not a nice lady at all. Eleven of us from James’ class were invited to his house for his 9th birthday party. So all in all there were twelve of us.

When it came to dessert time Mrs. Rogers put out thirteen dishes, and she said we would play a game. There were twelve of us and thirteen dishes. One of them was poisoned! She knew which one was poisoned but we didn’t. Of course it was just a game so probably none of them were poisoned, but you never can be too sure. So we all picked a plate and pretended to start eating.

When everyone had a dessert plate there was still one dessert left so Mrs. Rogers took it herself. We all knew that Mrs. Rogers would not have taken it to eat if it was the poisonous dish. She definitely had a safe dish.

Barney Halifax swapped plates with her when she wasn’t looking. Ha! Boy was he glad he did.

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