2745. Thursday's Sally Lunn
© Bruce Goodman 5 June 2023

It was Thursday. Thursday was the day that Rowena came into Clifford’s bakery to buy a cream-filled Sally Lunn. It was her weekly treat. Laying his eyes on the beautiful Rowena was Clifford’s weekly treat. He looked forward to her coming into his shop on Thursdays from Friday on.

Clifford wondered if he should give her a Sally Lunn for free. It was “on the house”. But then he thought she might think he was being too forward. It might create suspicion. It might put Rowena off from coming to his bakery altogether.

For fourteen consecutive Thursdays Rowena had come for her cream-filled Sally Lunn. Clifford conceived a plan. He would make the most imaginative Sally Lunn. He would fill it not just with cream, but with strawberries. It would be the most fantastic, most delicious Sally Lunn bun ever created. Thursday came around. Clifford came to the counter.

“A Sally Lunn?” asked Clifford. “Today’s special is the most fabulous Sally Lunn ever made. It’s filled with not just cream, but with strawberries, and all for the same price.”

“Nah,” said Rowena. “I think I’ll try a cinnamon roll for a change.”

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