2743. Shooting lesson
© Bruce Goodman 3 June 2023

You can say what you like; it was an accident. Bryce had been showing his girlfriend Anthea how to load and use a gun in an emergency if the worst came to the worst. She had aimed the gun at a coke can sitting on a tree stump. The coke can shot into the air. It was a perfect hit.

Any excuse is good for a hug. Bryce flung his arms around Anthea and said “You’re a genius”. The whack as he pulled her into the hug jolted Anthea’s finger on the trigger and she shot Bryce in the back. He wasn’t dead. Anthea raced into the house and dialled the emergency number.

Bryce was dead by the time the ambulance (and the police) arrived. It was a dreadful tragedy; a terrible accident. And it had all happened so fast.

As the years went by Anthea learned to forgive herself. She still felt a little bad about what had happened but the distance of time was definitely a healing factor. Mind you, if any boyfriend in the future lied and double-crossed her like Bryce, she would do the same again.

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