2607. Yet another story about stuffed cherry tomatoes
© Bruce Goodman 7 January 2023

Ferdinand gazed out the window. What a lot of rain we’ve been having recently, he thought. He and his partner, Mildred, were having a couple of guests over for dinner. It was just after New Year so things were still a little festive.

Ferdinand had seen a photo of little cherry tomatoes stuffed with what looked like goat cheese. It seemed so merry, like little red Christmas tree baubles. Sit some on a nest of green lettuce leaves and it would make delightful seasonal hors d'oeuvres.

Oh what a delicate operation! Stuffing cherry tomatoes was a bit like trying to thread a needle while wearing boxing gloves.

Anyway, in the long run, everyone enjoyed the hors d'oeuvres of crackers with a slice of cheddar topped with a bit of pickled gherkin out of a jar.

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