2604. Quails' eggs
© Bruce Goodman 4 January 2023

When Matilda cooked she never skimped on the ingredients. If the recipe called for a certain type of mushroom and she couldn’t find it in the shops, she would abandon the recipe altogether.

This time, however, she had promised quails’ eggs to Ethan for his 75th birthday. Could she find any? You guessed right. Creativity wasn’t Matilda’s middle name for nothing. She got a pile of cherry tomatoes, stuffed each one with a yellow cheese mix, and called them “Quails’ Eggs”.

“They’re called Quails’ Eggs because of the size,” said Matilda. “That’s what the recipe is called. Eat them as an appetizer or a nibble with drinks. And here’s a bottle of wine to go with it. Happy 75th birthday!”

Ethan had never eaten a quail’s egg. He was looking forward to trying it. He got totally blotto on the wine. He hated tomatoes.

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